Redox Flow Battery

WAVE Battery

Water-Air-Vanadium-Energy storage

Energy Storage System (ESS) market is growing rapidly under the worldwide spotlight on renewable energy.
On its main stage is the high capacity battery, the core of ESS, with much anticipation on their many potentials.

6 Strengths of Standard Energy Battery

  • Non-explosive
  • Long life-time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Price competitiveness
  • Guaranteed high efficiency and capacity
  • Recyclable

Standard Energy has been developing and thoroughly testing innovative material, structural, and operational technologies for the high capacity battery satisfying all the requirements.


Integrated Structure of Redox Flow Battery

Standard Energy battery is based on redox flow battery technology.
By reducing structural complexities of redox flow battery technology but conserving its advantages,
we integrated all components into a single connected architecture,
the core technology for Standard Energy’s high capacity battery.

High energy efficiency,
Compact size,
Easy maintenance,
Price competitiveness

Standard Energy’s redox flow battery is the breakthrough that surpasses past limits and flaws of conventional technologies.
It embodies everything that we have contemplated and experienced:
efficiency, reliability, and maintenance.

Innovative electrolyte circulation technology differentiated from conventional pump system
Our electrolyte circulation technology does not need expensive and vulnerable pump system.
Thanks to this technology, our batteries are cheaper, smaller, less energy demanding, but with dramatically increased life-time and reliability.
Novel cell structure and high power technology
High power and miniaturization technology can greatly reduce installation space.
Each battery can be individually installed and replaced, making maintenance and replacement more convenient.
Also, innovative leak-proof structure prevents any electrolyte leakage, and our unique cell stacking technology prevents energy loss from shunt current.
Ultra-thin, super-conductive fundamental material technology
The ultra-thin composite materials of Standard Energy enable integration of various components into small volumes.
Our materials also guarantee cost competitiveness from their high conductivity, chemical resistance, large area production, and consistent quality.


Self Energy Capacity Revival Technology

Battery performance and capacity may decrease over time, depending on operation conditions.
To tackle these issues and secure long term stable operation even under harsh environments,
Standard Energy’s battery is equipped with our innovative “Self Energy Capacity Revival Technology”.
This original technology will guarantee stable operation by constantly prolonging battery performance.

With this breakthrough,
systems can operate stably over a long period with
significantly cheaper maintenance cost;
now you can experience the consistent performance
from beginning to end.

Maximum 99% Recovery of Energy Capacity (Maximum Dischargeable Capacity)
Standard Energy’s redox flow battery recovers energy capacity up to 99% without replacing components or replenishing electrolytes.
Component life-time prolonging technology
The life-time of each component is significantly improved with minimizing electrochemical irreversibility and other factors that deteriorating component life-time.
Fundamental material technology and operational technology
Self energy capacity revival technology is the product of material and operational technologies.
* Based on our data.


Sustainability | Battery Recycle

Once a battery reaches its life-time, 90% of its materials can be recycled to rebuild a new battery.
With this, we can easily secure raw material supply and minimize environmental pollutants.
This makes our battery truly the sustainable “Eco-friendly high capacity battery”.


Applications & Partnerships

As a specialist in high capacity batteries, Standard Energy is collaborating with many businesses to explore new ESS business opportunities.

Our door is always open for new possibilities.

“With endless spectrum of application, Standard Energy provides optimized redox flow batteries to a wide range of users. The massive data and the analytical tools we have accumulated and developed can effectively respond to a wide array of situations in various fields.”