The Beginning of Standard Energy :
Material Technology

Standard Energy started from developing fundamental material technology.
We acquired our technological perfection from repeated process of meticulous verification and improvement of fundamental material technology.
To apply our innovations to products swiftly,
we developed efficient innovation process, and organically interconnected all novel research into the product development.


  • Carbon Felt Electrode
  • Membrane
  • Carbon Composite Bipolar Plate
  • Electrolyte

Application of Fundamental Material Technology to Standard Energy Redox Flow Battery System

Starting from fundamental material technology, Standard Energy has systematically developed complete battery products. Also, we established a redox flow battery system and tested it numerously under various operational conditions.

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Battery cell
for R&D

We developed new test battery cells to improve the efficiency of the battery research.
Standard Energy’s battery test cells were adopted to many research groups in Korea, the United States, and Canada, earning an international reputation for enhancing the efficiency of redox flow battery research. We are still actively collaborating with our partners for the advancement of redox flow battery.

Battery test cell

Pneumatic compression jig

“Standard Energy hopes to provide our optimized testing products to new research groups in redox flow battery area for mutual growth.”

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